Unshaken Joy (And How To Get There)

Dear women,


All right, ladies. I am officially CALLING YOU OUT. If you read my blog telling men five ways they can MAN UP, you’ll know that I am most definitely not picking on OUR DELICATE GENDER. But I am going to give you five ways that you … (wait for it) …. can WOMAN UP in your life.

Now ladies, I UNDERSTAND YOU. I get the girl brain, the fact that men can drive you MAD, and the heart and soul with which you live (not COMPLETELY, of course, because that would be mind-reading, which is a level of creepy I DEFINITELY don’t want to attain).

Honestly, I think we women as a whole are fantastic, strong and amazing creatures. But I also know the nitty-gritty of our thoughts and actions in a more, AHEM, intimate way than I do those of men. And if you think I was brutally honest in my list to men, you better buckle up. Because I’m calling  MALARKEY, and I’m starting now.

NO. 5: Stop LIVING AND BREATHING all that CRAP (and yes, it’s CRAP) in chick flicks and novels.

NO. 4: Be honest (with MEN AND WOMEN).

NO. 3: Set your standards higher. That’s right, HIGHER.

NO. 2: Stop using guys emotionally. STAHHHPPP.

NO. 1: YOU are YOU. NOT HER.

So there you have it, my fellow ladies. All the areas I wanted to call “BULLSHIT” on, and all the arenas wherein I think we need to WOMAN UP.  I’m of the mind that chasing after these five things will make you a kinder and wiser individual. Trust me, I’ve had  A LOT of practice at COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE in all of them (my bad, men in my life!). In my experience, I can say that WOMANing UP is much better than not doing so. At the very least, I think you’ll have a lot of grateful men in your life if you do, in fact, WOMAN UP. I can’t read minds, though, so I guess I can’t say that for SURE.

But here’s a thought: Why don’t you ask that guy friend who OF COURSE is not AT ALL interested in you. What’s that? He just told you he loves you?  (insert smile)

Disclaimer: The author is aware that she is being QUITE FRANK and SLIGHTLY HARSH to women, but really thinks its for their (and her) own good. However, she welcomes correction and dialogue since she is not a complete know-it-all (though she sometimes plays one in real-life!). 

*borrowed from a Brian Regan sketch.