Unshaken Joy (And How To Get There)

Dear insecurities,


All right. I’ve had it with you. That’s right. YOU. In the corner of my mind. WHISPERING NONSENSE. I think it’s safe to say I am SICK and TIRED of the way you, not-really-so-dear insecurities, have run my life. THE TIME HAS COME for you to be thrown out of the nooks and crannies of my mind so that I can live in BLISSFUL FREEDOM. This time around, I’m telling you to STEP OFF for reals. I’ve got a list of five ways to keep insecurities at bay. Ain’t no way they’re ready for this.

NO. 1: Tell yourself the TRUTH.

NO. 2:  OWN your insecurities. 


NO. 4: Tell your insecurities to STEP OFF (use stronger language if necessary). 

NO. 5: PRAY.

So there you have it, insecurities. These are the five ways I am going to CONQUER YOU; or at the very least, BEAT you into some kind of submission. See, you don’t run my life. Or at least, you don’t anymore. And just to prove that your WHISPERS don’t rule me any longer, insecurities, I’m posting a photo of myself right before I go to bed.

So, not-really-dear-insecurities, we are DONE. I wouldn’t come ’round these parts again. That is, unless you want to hear me spew some strong language. Or scream a 1990s catchphrase at you.