Dear writing,

I’ve been avoiding you, I know. But I’ve got tons of great excuses (actually, great might be a stretch. Let’s say MEDIOCRE and call it a day). Many writers have their “dry spells” or “downtimes.” Mine is more of a “tired time” wherein all I want to do is sleep and watch movies. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Writing, read my excuses and I’m sure you’ll stop nagging me internally. Please? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?!?

The top 12 reasons I simply cannot be bothered to write.

No. 1: I’m WAY TOO TIRED for the hard work that writing requires.

No. 2: I don’t want to think after work. Or look at a computer.

No. 3: Generally, I have no coherent thoughts. More like a hodgepodge of randomness that resembles a ball of tangled twine.

No. 4: I would rather talk to my boyfriend or hang out with people than hole up and write.

No. 5: I HAVE NO IDEAS. Literally NONE. So few that I am writing a blog about writing. BLAHHHH.

No. 6: If I choose you, ADULT LIFE SUFFERS. In other words, I either write or I do other adult-life things like cooking, cleaning, exercising and doing my finances. I CAN’T DO IT ALL, YOU CRUEL MASTER.

No.7: I’m not disciplined enough to make a schedule for you. Sure, I COULD be. But I don’t particularly want to be. I want to run amuck doing as I please.

No. 8: I can’t be certain, but I FEEL like I write the same thing OVER and OVER again. If you or my readers aren’t sick of it at this point, I DEFINITELY am.

No. 9: My energy level is at about a NEGATIVE 500 now that NEVER-ENDING darkness has begun. WILL I SEE THE SUN AGAIN?!?

No. 10: I DON’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING (see No. 9).

No. 11: I’m in a dry spell. Or at the very least, in an I-don’t-want-to-try-I-only-want-to-neflix spell. Yup. That seems more like it.

No. 12: It all seems pointless. Granted, the constant darkness may be part of that. But as a “blogger,” it’s hard for me to feel purposeful when there are millions of other more talented people doing the same thing. WAHHH PITY PARTY WAHHH.

There you have it, writing. All the reasons why I simply can’t be bothered. Maybe I’ll be more disciplined. I’ll set up a writing schedule and keep at it regardless of how DRY and EXHAUSTING it feels. After I finish this movie, of course.


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