Your Beauty Does Not Diminish My Own

What is it about beauty that so enthralls us?

I’ve been mulling over that question for the past few weeks. I haven’t reached a solid conclusion, but I do have some ideas. The real reason we are so drawn to beauty is because it reminds us of what we have lost and what we will one day gain as Christians: Perfection.

Think about it. The Garden of Eden was a perfectly beautiful environment. Heaven and eternity will be a perfectly beautiful environment. And here we are on earth.

Earth is beautiful, but also horribly marred by the effects and consequences of our sin. So when we see something, or someone, who is beautiful, it awakens our hearts. It reminds us of what was and what is to come—even if we do not fully understand all of this at that moment. 

As a woman, I have been taught to be envious of beauty. I have learned to undermine the beauty I see in other girls, internally if not externally. The idea is that if they are beautiful, I am somehow less beautiful.

I have slowly been realizing that all women, and girls, are engaged in a struggle for attention. Because we refuse to affirm one another’s beauty, we fight with each other to find that affirmation.

True, all of us desire more than just affirmation from our fellow women. I am convinced, however, if women would spend more time affirming each other’s beauty, there would be less fighting for affirmation from men in particular. 

So I’m done with it.

Because I’m tired of being envious. I’m weary of cutting down other women’s beauty. They are beautiful. That is something to be thankful about. Just because another woman is beautiful does not make me less beautiful. 

I’m done with competing with other women, too.

My affirmation does not rest in winning the competition. Furthermore, I do not desire anyone’s attention if I have to win it. The best attention is attention given without having to ask for it. So no more competition.

Instead I desire to bless the beautiful women around me. I want to be the type of woman who tells other women frequently that they are beautiful. Because I am learning that their beauty does not lessen my own. 

We must stop denying the beauty of other women. What we are really doing when we cut down other women is spitting in the face of a fellow sister. What we are really doing is telling God that He didn’t do good enough when He made us. 

All of us are beautiful. Yes, we come in all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps in the eyes of the world we are not perceived as beautiful. Our beauty, though, is not found in this world.

It is found in the eyes of God. He created us. He named us. He formed and shaped us. He calls us “good.” Who are we to question how He made us?

No matter what you look like, you are beautiful because God calls you His. That is where our ultimate beauty should rest.

Because that is the only beauty that is true in this world. 

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