A Prayer For Reverence

Lord, help me not to forget the reverence that is due You as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that You are my Comforter. My Friend. My loving Father.

And I can forget all too soon that You are also my Lord.

You made the earth and everything in it.

You rule in sovereignty — even over the things I do not understand.

You are holy, blameless and pure in a way that would consume me were I to stand in Your presence without Christ.

So teach me, Lord, me to adore You for who You truly are. For who Your word reveals you to be.

Not for the false image of You that I all too easily create.

Not for the lies from the world that distort Your character.

Not even for the gifts and provisions You bring into my life every moment of every day.

But for You and You alone.

As that old hymn says, help my goal to be You alone.

Not joy.

Not hope.

Not even peace.

But You and You alone.

For that is the only position in which I can truly live in this world.

Help me, Father.

Help me, Holy Spirit.

Help me, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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