The Truth About Forgiveness

Love is a funny thing.

It holds on and never seems to let go.

Once love gets inside of your soul, it tangles and binds itself firmly. It can be healing, hurtful, wonderful, painful, perfect, agonizing. 

And oh, how easy it is to hurt each other.

Far too often, we seem to give so little thought to how our actions will shape and mold other’s lives. 

When We Need To Forgive

Like most people, I’ve been wounded.

And some days, there are still tears that need to be shed over what was lost. 

But tears are not my enemies. Tears are like water on the parched ground of my soul. Tears are my release.

Yet even amid the tears, I can recognize that accepting and grieving the reality of a situation does not mean the situation is OK.

Forgiveness does not always equal reconciliation. It only opens the door for it.


And even if those who wound me never choose to walk through it, they are not the enemy.

The only enemy I have in this world is the sin that has corrupted our souls. The one who twists love and truth into a distortion.

The Result of Forgiveness

The joy of choosing to forgive is that when there is no reason left to love —  when it would be easier to walk away in bitterness but I decide, through Christ’s power, to stay and forgive — I begin to get an inkling of the love of God.

Because somehow, through the power of God enabling me to forgive, love pours out. Instead of resentment, I love those who hurt me. I love my enemies, just as Jesus told us too.

And even though forgiveness can be difficult, the lack of forgiveness is far more costly in the long run, costing my own peace of mind and hardening my own heart.

So God help me (literally), I will choose to forgive. Every person. Every moment. Every day.

Because at the end of it all, I have been forgiven much. And I want to be merciful to others the same way Christ was merciful to me.

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