christian poetry

The Tyranny of My Own Goodness

I am good. I am not. I am nothing without fault. But I'm pure. No, I'm false. I am empty of all that's ought. See, I'm striving. I am grasping. But I'm still short of what's lasting. Yet I'm working. I am yearning. I am all fails, never earning. I am death. I am weary. … Continue reading The Tyranny of My Own Goodness


An Open Letter to Christian Brothers & Sisters

It's not that you're cruel or ill-intentioned. But I swear to you the minute these words or verse pop out of your mouth, I WILL RUN FROM YOU.

christian poetry

Oh Sweet Submission

Oh sweet submission, tis my delight. To turn myself over, whatever the fight. To yield and defer to Who loves me the most. And surrender my soul, my life, my voice.