Oh Sweet Submission

Oh sweet submission, tis my delight
To turn myself over, whatever the fight
To yield and defer to Who loves me the most
And surrender my soul, my life, my voice

Oh sweet submission, tis my great thorn
To humble my pride, whatever its scorn
To burn the arrogance flesh has indulged
And choose to obey, whatever the cost

Oh sweet submission, I cannot provide
What is required for you to abide
To grow and flourish, I learn more each day
I need provision of the Spirit’s strength

Oh sweet submission, He shall not fail now
To aid weak heart and wipe weary brow
To guide and direct, He always remains near
Reminding that it’s in my kneeling I win

Oh sweet submission, tis my delight
To give to my Lord my will and my life
To make that same choice at every dawn
No matter what trials or pain may come