When You Don’t Know How To Live

Truthfully, I simply don't know where the line is between enjoying the comforts God has given me with a grateful heart, and living a numbed, comfort-driven life.


Dear love,

Thank you for being endearingly REAL LIFE, which in my case, includes some sweetly awkward and RANDOM moments that bring lots of laughter and fun memories. Truly, love, I'm grateful for the fact that for me, a perfect first date for consisted of running late, hugging a tree, swinging on a swing that I wasn't sure … Continue reading Dear love,

Dear writing,

I've been avoiding you, I know. But I've got tons of great excuses (actually, great might be a stretch. Let's say MEDIOCRE and call it a day). Many writers have their "dry spells" or "downtimes." Mine is more of a "tired time" wherein all I want to do is sleep and watch movies. But I'm getting … Continue reading Dear writing,