You're Not Alone In Your Failure

You Aren’t Alone In Your Failure

We all feel like failures sometimes. Like we don't know what we're doing or how to do it well. Like we're letting people down or screwing up everything we do. Like we're just not "good enough." Well, frankly, nobody is "good enough." And nobody is as perfect as he or she may seem from the … Continue reading You Aren’t Alone In Your Failure

When You're A Mess (And That's OK)

When You Know You’re A Mess (And It’s OK)

"You seem perfect," said someone to me recently, "Like you've really got it all together." Cue shock and amazement that my lil' old self can EVER come off that way, even for a short period of time. In fact, 50% of the time I feel like a gigantic mess of a human being. It used … Continue reading When You Know You’re A Mess (And It’s OK)

Dear God,

I'm going to be honest (SHOCKING, I know). Life with you has not turned out how I planned. In just about any category. I mean, I had PLANS. Awesome PLANS that you WRECKED. That's right. You've WRECKED them all. And they were pretty darn good, if you ask me. INSERT SIDE NOTE: If any of you … Continue reading Dear God,