Dear infatuation,

I'm sorry. I feel like you've gotten a bad rap. I BLAME 13-YEAR-OLDS. AND CHICK FLICKS. AND TEENAGERS IN GENERAL. But infatuation, frankly, I THINK YOU'RE AMAZING. You are pretty much one of the best things EVER with your butterfly-inducting, heart-racing, knee-weakening moments. You make the start of relationships TANTALIZING, EARTH-MOVING and all-around OVERWHELMINGLY EXCITING. But yes, yes, … Continue reading Dear infatuation,


Dear guy I like,

(Also guy I liked, past tense, once upon a time), I'm gonna give you the best gift EVER. In this post, I will tell you the ways you have DESTROYED MY LIFE and also how you have MADE ME FULL OF JOY.  Lastly, I'll let you in on all the crazy things I say in … Continue reading Dear guy I like,