Dear women,

All right, ladies. I am officially CALLING YOU OUT. If you read my blog telling men five ways they can MAN UP, you'll know that I am most definitely not picking on OUR DELICATE GENDER. But I am going to give you five ways that you ... (wait for it) .... can WOMAN UP in your life. Now … Continue reading Dear women,


Dear men,

I'm doing it. I'm CALLING YOU OUT. And I'm gonna tell you the things you should do because we as women WANT you to do these things (or at the very least, this woman wants you to do these things). I'll preface this all by saying that men, I think you're great. I love how … Continue reading Dear men,

dear world,

As Christmas draws nigh, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about Christianity, since there's that whole "Christ being born" thing that fueled the day's origin. And  before you go all rhetoric on me, yes, I do know that Jesus was most likely not born on December 25, and that the date may have been chosen … Continue reading dear world,