The Orchestrator


Where mountains fade into a purple haze, that is where I see God again.

He becomes the orchestrator of breezes and trees and summits. There, in the sincerest of silences, He falls again into His rightful place as the sovereign and grandiose God.

In the daily world, I am immersed in the millions of man-made creations. They clutter my home and life, making me claustrophobic.

But in these unending mountains, I am me, and He is God. All the choking and hindering thoughts that box me in evaporate as I breathe in deeply. Nothing exists to rip my eyes off my God and the work of His hands.

I am, for one breath and one blissful moment in this space of time, who God created me to be. And though I know in my soul that the highest of highs cannot remain forever, I tuck the moment deep inside.

There, the haze of the mountains will remain ensconced.  And when my soul encounters the lowest of lows, this highest of highs will make the journey through the valley bearable.

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