A Prayer For Rest

Lord, help me to rest in Your love.

Not in a proud or selfish way that means I live however I want. But in a way that means I stop scurrying around, desperately trying to please You.

Because it is already done.

You are already pleased with me through the finished work of Christ. That is the gift of salvation.

And oh, Lord, how grateful I am for that gift.

For Your sacrifice that allows me to know I have been accepted not on my own lackluster merits, but on the perfect merits of Christ.

The knowledge is such a relief, God. But it does not always translate to my heart.

It does not always saturate my mind.

So help me, Lord, to rest in the truth of Your love. Teach me to sit in it until my soul fills up and overflows.

And then — only then — please guide that overflow of Your love into godly action.

Because the other way — the frantic scurrying around — is death for my heart and only ends in overwhelming exhaustion.

But Your way, through the rest in what Christ has done, is life and life abundantly.

So help me, Lord, to rest in Your love.

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