You're Not Alone In Your Failure

You Aren’t Alone In Your Failure

We all feel like failures sometimes.

Like we don’t know what we’re doing or how to do it well.

Like we’re letting people down or screwing up everything we do.

Like we’re just not “good enough.”

Well, frankly, nobody is “good enough.” And nobody is as perfect as he or she may seem from the outside looking in–especially to those picture-perfect social media posts.

So if you’re feeling that way today, just know you’re not alone. I feel like a failure, too, some days. We’re all in this together.

Would you make a pact with me?

Let’s promise to drop the facade and stop acting like we’ve got it all figured out. Let’s decide to stop sharing only the picture-perfect moments in our lives.

Let’s choose to be HONEST and VULNERABLE about the struggles in our lives and the pain in our hearts.

Let’s learn how to listen to each other when we feel like failures–listen without offering pat replies or glib responses.

Because we all feel like failures sometimes. And we all need other people to tell us that we’re not, to remind us these feelings of failure won’t last forever, and to encourage us to keep going. 

Will you do that with me?

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